Removing snow from any driveway or sidewalk is a tedious task, but it can be even more difficult when it needs to be removed from gravel. Gravel roads and paths are neither smooth nor as solid using traditional snow removal techniques does not always work. Follow these tips to make snow removal from gravel drives and paths easier. Things you need

  • Shovel
  • Rack
  • Snow Blower
  • Commercial De-icer

Step #1.

The first step to removing snow and preventing ice is using a snow blower. Most likely, if your area is cold enough to snow then the gravel is solidly in place with a nice frosty surface for now. This step is important to complete before anyone has walked or driven on your gravel path or driveway. Turn on the snow blower and use it as if the snow were a million small leaves. Tap the dry, snowy surface out of your way with care not to aim directly at the ground and dislodge the gravel.

snow removal

Step #2.

If you were unable to remove all the snow from your sidewalk or driveway using your snow blower you can use a shovel or rake, depending on what you are left with. If you have deeper wetter snow, a traditional snow shovel  will help remove the tougher layer.

Step #3.

If large amounts of snow need to be removed from the road, the snow blower should be raised slightly to remove the top layer of snow. After the top layer is removed, the snow blower can be lowered again to remove the bottom layer.

Step #4.

A committee is great for final snow removal. Use a strong metal tilt with wide teeth that can withstand hard snow and ice. Rake the remaining layer, this will help spread out the ice and snow helping it melt in warmer temperatures as well. If you are able, rake the snow and ice off the side allowing the gravel to be exposed for better shoe and tire traction.

Step #5.

If you can’t get the last layers of snow and ice removed using a shovel and rake, you can opt for a commercial de-icer. These can help remove and prevent snow and ice from accumulating, but they have their drawbacks as well. They can be an environmental hazard and may have the potential to harm your pets or local wildlife as well. Do your due diligence in finding out if this is a good option for you.


These are the basic methods for safe and effective snow removal from gravel driveways.

When you hire a professional snow contractor to run your gravel driveway, you can be sure that they will inspect the gravel, properly install the equipment and carefully remove the accumulated snow without damaging the gravel.