The winter season is not all fun and games. The cold season can make you shiver if you don’t have a heater or a garage. At the start of winter, many motorists are worried – frozen locks and icy windows put them in a bad mood first thing in the morning. We’ve gathered the best tips and tricks to get your car ready to go in no time.

Clear Legislation

It’s important to remember which parts of your vehicle need to deice from snow. Many drivers are tempted to put a small patch, such as a scratch, on the windscreen and drive off, which is not legal. A fine of up to $75 is imposed, where the “no driving with snow on your car” rule applies.

In addition, number plates must be free from snow and ice so that the vehicle can be easily read and identified. If you fail to do so, you will be fined $25. If you fail to clear the bonnet, roof, and boot of snow, you will be fined $50, as these parts can fall off while driving and endanger you.

What To Do When Driving In Poor Visibility?

Cars without a garage or with a garage are particularly annoying. Every day they have to go out in the cold and scratch their windscreen. But the rule is that prevention is better than cure.

Deice Window

1. Corrugated Cardboard

An anti-ice sheeting or a piece of corrugated cardboard is a good option for your parking spot. The board should be dry when installed. This makes it easier to prevent frost, especially in early and late winter. It should be scraped off the next morning if it is icy, wet, or raining heavily. In addition, this tip prevents annoying friction on the windscreen. Clean the side and rear windows of snow and ice.

2. Hot Water Bottle

If you have extra time in the morning, try the hot water bottle trick. Fill a hot water bottle and place it on your car’s dashboard. The heat rises evenly and cleans the windscreen of ice and snow without scratching.

3. Vinegar And Salt Water

Before the frost arrives, widescreens of protected vehicles can be protected with salt water or vinegar. Dissolve four to five tablespoons of salt in a liter of water and spray the windows the night before. This will prevent ice build-up and avoid scratches in the morning.

4. Commercial Help

Many de-icer sprays and ice scrapers are available to combat ice on windscreens. Berrington Snow Removal offers useful tips and professional deicing services on the subject.

5. Antifreeze

There is a wealth of advice on the internet to avoid annoying scratches. But they are often useless or even dangerous. They should therefore be avoided.

The idea of pouring hot water on windows is obvious, as nothing works as well against the cold as warm. This trick is dangerous, however, as hot water causes rapid temperature changes and stress cracks in the glass, and in the worst case, the glass shatters. There is also a risk of hot drops falling into the engine compartment and freezing again. This can cause serious damage.

Another popular method of deicing the windscreen is to warm up the car. However, this is prohibited for environmental reasons and can result in a heavy fine.