Most people love snow, but it can be a disaster for caravan owners. Snow is weighty; if it covers a flat surface like the roof of a caravan, it can cause leaks and structural damage. If possible, remove snow on the roof or avoid it altogether.

To help, here are a few ways to prevent snow from accumulating on your caravan roof. Depending on where you live and how much snow you expect, some tactics are more effective than others.

Read on to find out which method is best for you.

Parking Next to Natural Barrier

In particular, try to park your trailer near natural shelters. Large buildings, walls and wooden fences can provide some protection from wind and snow. Park on the side sheltered from the main wind direction. This way, most of the snow will accumulate on the opposite side, and the caravan will be well protected.

Using a Garage

One of the best ways to protect the roof of your trailer from snow is to use a garage or other covered storage area. A roof over the trailer will inevitably keep out most of the snow, although some snow may get in when the shed is left open.

Snow can crack or collapse if they are subjected to excessive weight. Check the thickness of the snow cover and remove it regularly. It is better to have snow on top of the car than on top of the caravan.

Covered Parking for Caravans

Always park your caravan with a roof to protect it from snow. Protects against wind, dirt, snow, water and UV rays. Once the snow has settled on the caravan roof, it is easier to remove it from the caravan. Snow and ice cannot freeze directly on the car’s surface, making removing it more accessible.

An extended cover is the perfect choice if you are looking for a great storage cover. However, the cover can’t take the weight of snow on top of your caravan, but it does offer protection from the weather. It is always worth using as it protects the trailer from damage and keeps it in good condition for the future.

Natural Snow Removal

Sometimes it is impossible to prevent snow from getting on the roof of your caravan. After a while, snow builds up, and you must remove it yourself. Natural snow removal is relatively easy if the snow is light and fluffy. You can brush it off with a long brush.

This can be difficult if you can’t remove dense, heavy and wet snow. You often have to climb onto the roof to get over it, so be very careful where you stand. Ask someone to keep an eye on you and use a good ladder to climb up.

Ice can also be a problem, as too much force can damage the trailer’s surface. Never use hot water or force to remove snow and ice from the top of the trailer. Plastic snow shovels are suitable for removing thick layers. After removing the main layer, try shaking the top of the trailer to break up any remaining snow and ice.

Get Professional Help

Professional help is usually optional as trailers are small enough to be within reach of most people. If that doesn’t work, get professionals snow removal expert to clear the snow. If your house needs snow removal, ask if they can take care of your mobile home. They may have different rates for this work, but it always helps to ask.

We hope the methods described above can help you clear snow.