Hiring a snow removal service may seem simple, but you’ll have to spend a lot of time searching before you find the right professional. Many part-time snow removal services are unreliable. Hire a qualified snow removal service to avoid getting stuck in a snowstorm. Here’s a simple summary to help you find the best option. Ask yourself these questions before you sign a contract.

#1. Reliability

Check reviews and ask other customers – it’s the best way to determine if a company is trustworthy. You may also ask your neighbors for the best companies they use. Ensure you ask about their reliability and any problems they have encountered in the past while dealing with those snow removal services.

#2. Right Equipment

If you work with a snow removal service, you probably already have the necessary equipment. After all, who would start a snow removal company without the proper equipment? Only pay professional snow removal service to get everything ready so you don’t have to. The company may charge extra for the equipment, but it’s usually much cheaper than buying the whole thing.

If your company wants to provide the equipment, they may not be reliable or experienced enough.

#3. Certification

There are many certifications for snow and ice removal professionals. We know how important the water quality of the lakes is and that salt pollution is a severe problem. Lakes throughout Suffolk and Long Island need the protection a certified snow management company can provide. That’s why we think certifications from ASM (Advanced Snow Manager), CSP (Certified Snow Professional), and SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association) are so crucial for snow removal professionals. These certified professionals are familiar with best practices and follow local and industry standards to reduce salt discharges to lakes and rivers.

#4. Insurance

The snow removal company you hire must be insured appropriately for accidental liability and workers’ compensation. Cheap snow removal without insurance may be tempting, but the risks of snow removal are high and not worth it. To avoid liability, look for an insured snow removal service.

#5. Pricing

In most cases, the price of snow removal services depends on the length of the road and the difficulty of snow removal in your area. Some companies charge a flat fee for the entire season, regardless of how often they clear snow from your business premises, commercial sidewalks, and parking lots. Others price according to the depth of the snowpack, charge up to a certain snow thickness, and charge extra for every centimeter of snow. Companies may charge extra for every ice and pavement maintenance but are not obliged to do so. Make sure you understand all the payment options before finalizing the deal.

#6. Written Agreement

The snow removal company should provide you with a written contract that clearly describes all the services you can expect. There are a few things you should know:

  • When is snow removal service required?
  • Do they include sidewalks and stairs?
  • Does it include the cost of sand or salt?
  • Ask if they clear your driveway early in the morning?
  • If the snow removal service has to return the same day, will there be a surcharge?
  • Are there extra costs in case of a severe snowstorm?
  • Are there any other additional costs?
  • How can the contract be terminated?

Need Commercial Snow Removal Service In Long Island, Suffolk, And Surrounding Areas?

As you begin asking questions, ensure that the answers you receives are accurate.

If you want peace of mind and reduced liability, Berrington Snow Removal provide the reliability you need. When you’re ready to trust us, we’ll be happy to meet and help you make the best decision for your office buildings, schools, hospitals, sidewalks, and parking lots.

Interested in getting a reliable snow removal service near you? Request a quote today. Together, we’ll review your snow removal options so you can make the right decision. That way, you can stay comfortable and not worry if snow accumulates.