Parking Lot Snow Removal Service

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Snow is disrupting the entire supply chain. In Long Island and Suffolk County, thousands of man-hours are lost each winter due to slips and fall on slippery surfaces.

Due to the region’s rapid business growth, parking lots are valuable assets that are taken up by large amounts of snow.

A well-maintained commercial parking lots run smoothly, regardless of the time of the day or weather conditions.

parking lot snow removal

By working with a professional snow removal company, you can save time, reduce the risk of claims, and control costs throughout the season. Berrington Snow Removal can take care of your commercial property, leaving you more time for your interior operations. Our 40 years of experience allow us to provide a service tailored to your business.

Benefits Of Our Parking Lot Snow Removal Service:

    • Certified Professionals
    • Fast And Efficient Snow Removal
    • Specialized Equipment
    • No Surface Damage
    • Time Bound

      We Offer Complete Protection For The Following Areas Of Your Property

        • Parking Lots
        • Driveways
        • Sidewalks
        • Parking Stalls
        • Loading Docks

          Other Services We Offer For Your Property According To Your Needs

          • Snow Removal
          • Snow Plowing
          • Snow Blowing
          • Snow Shoveling
          • Deicing Service
          • Salting Service
          • Sidewalk Snow Removal

          Hire A Certified Snow Removal Company In Long Island & Suffolk County

          commercial parking lot snow removal service

          Since most of the Long Island commercial property owners requires to remove snow and ice from parking lots, and sidewalks within 24 hours of winter storms, this quickly becomes a serious problem during the winter months and can cause serious problems if not handled properly.

          Fortunately, we can help you with the basic parking lot snow removal services that most customers expect from their snow and ice management providers.

          We have all the equipment, experience, and certification from the Snow And Ice Management Association to remove snow problems and ensure the safety of your property for all of your visitors.