Sidewalk Snow Removal

Get Your Office Building, Hospital, And School Accessible After Sidewalk Snow Removal By Our Certified Snow Professionals In Long Island Or Suffolk County.

Ignoring sidewalk snow clearing on your property can lead to slip and fall injuries. Also creating bad impressions for customers. Premises liability makes property owners responsible for ensuring the safety of customers and employees who enter the property. If you want to limit your liability and keep customers and employees safe, it is critical to work with a dependable company like Berrington Snow Removal

Our crews are prepared to handle any snowstorm at any time of day and evening. We can clear your main entrances, secondary entrances, emergency exit doorways, loading docks, and sidewalks. Ice melt is applied to reduce slip and fall.

Sidewalk Snow Removal Service

Why Is Sidewalk Snow Removal Important?

In towns like Long Island and Suffolk County, sidewalks need to be accessible to everyone year-round. Many people in our area use sidewalks to get to work, meet, etc. Sidewalks that are not cleared of snow and ice are difficult to use and sometimes dangerous. They are a particular problem for people with reduced mobility.

If roads are not properly cleared in winter, serious accidents and injuries can occur.

Pedestrians may take to the streets to avoid snow and ice on pavements, which can be even more dangerous. In some cases, you can be fined, especially if someone reports you.

Why Choose Us?

Most companies consider sidewalk clearing, snow removal, and deicing to be their main snow plowing jobs, but we don’t think so. Sidewalks are often used by pedestrians, and Berrington Snow Removal is up to the challenge in these important areas. We focus on ensuring safety before, during, and after every winter event.

To find out how we help companies, industries, or retailers clear their sidewalks and deicing needs, please contact us for a consultation.

If you’d like to incorporate sidewalk clearing into your commercial property maintenance program, we’d be happy to help. Contact us to speak with our commercial sidewalk snow removal team.